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The best of the past, present and future come together in our MoPA Museum Shop.

In order to embody and portray the essence of our MoPA spirit, and to make it a live experience, we are creating our exclusive MoPA Museum Shop to inspire you with a variety of traditional, but above all new, articles. Take a trip into the past, to the origins of promotional products, right up to the present and to what lies ahead – the future.

As one of the largest galleries of its kind, the MoPA exhibition offers an immeasurable wealth of the most diverse promotional products. Our shop exemplifies tradition meets transformation. Besides our focus on the historical, which takes us on a kind of journey through time, we naturally want to concentrate mainly on the modern era in the shop and bring it closer to our custo-mers. The range aims to include everything, from classic and traditional promotional items to the latest product trends. 

We also venture a look into the future. Where is the world of promotional products and merchandise heading, and how? What is the influence of modern technologies, and how can they be integrated into our future of haptic advertising?

Join us on a unique journey through the history of our industry. Become part of this exhibition, become part of our shop concept. 

Light Exhibition
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