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Welcome to the Museum of Promotional Articles Café, or MoPA Café for short! Immerse yourself in the world of inventive and artistic dialogue on the theme of tradition vs. transformation, while enjoying one of our delicious coffee creations. Our café is the perfect place to take a short break, recharge your batteries and explore the development processes and history of promotional products in good company. 

The atmosphere in the MoPA Café is inviting and cosy. The hallmarks of the gallery are clearly at the top of the list, merged with the promotional products world. Our curators are also available here for a chat at any time. With comfortable seating and a warm colour scheme, we create a feel-good atmosphere in which you can relax and collect your thoughts. Our café is a retreat where you can continue your discussions and reflections, where historical, con-temporary and futuristic promotional items find their place.

Discover the perfect mix of excellent coffee, a relaxed atmosphere and the ongoing exchange on the history of promotional products. We look forward to serving you. Take a break, get inspired and join us on a journey into the world of the past, present and future!

Image by Kai Wenzel
Image by Jon Tyson
Image by Zachary Peterson
Image by Jon Tyson

Open daily

9am - 5pm

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