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„It is about the synthesis of the most important contemporary witnesses since the beginning, which were often considered evidence of a period of civilisation: offerings, campaigns, advertising, branding or even finding and retai-ning staff are included as art forms in applied arts and all crafts. Our goal is to curate a globally unique collection of contemporary witnesses that values the history as well as the complexity of the industry.“

Steven Baumgaertner, CEO of Cybergroup International


From the beginning

till now.....

Join us on a journey through the eras, travelling through time to revisit the better-known and lesser-known brand worlds. From classic promotional products to modern giveaways, everything will be represented. After an entrée, you will pass through different time zones that present all the extraordinary milestones from antiquity to the future. 

Our curators are preparing a multi-faceted art experience, presenting an unprecedented exhibition that showcases the history of the promotional product at the highest level. Delve into the history of promotional products and discover how companies have spread their messages over time. It‘s worth it! 


Extraordinary timepieces

It's not all about history - it's also about timepieces, game changer and extraordinary items which had an impact on our industry. 

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